Our future grows through the knowledge and

experiences of the world’s oldest living culture.

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Welcome to 50 years of building Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Homes where our culture’s dreams thrive and move us closer to a more equitable place for all.

Our 50th Anniversary

Celebrating 50 years of empowering Aboriginal

and Torres Strait Islander communities. 50 years

of growth and impact made possible by the

culture and creativity of 65,000 years before it.

50 years of creating opportunities for future

generations to thrive.

We are proudly the only Australian Indigenous-led organisation to have sustained 50 successful years of business, growing from a small public housing project to an awarded-large scale developer that’s changing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ futures. We are driving an Indigenous-led economy that will sustain Australia’s creative, cultural, and economic interests and provides future generations access to build their legacy.

Our 50th Anniversary

Strong communities are the lifeblood of our

country, and to celebrate our special 50-year

milestone, we will honour our team and partners

that drive our mission and acknowledge their place

in writing a new story for Aboriginal and

Torres Strait Islander people.

News and events

Pemulwuy Completion

July 25, 2023

Join us for a celebration of the Aboriginal Housing Company’s 50th birthday and the official completion of the Pemulwuy Project! The day will be a great occasion for the community, starting with an official ribbon-cutting and flag-raising ceremony to open the Pemulwuy Business Hub on the corner of Lawson and Eveleigh St. After the official proceedings in the morning, plenty of fun things will be happening in the afternoon for everyone to enjoy. Come join us outside the Redfern Community Centre for live music and performances from local Indigenous artists. Everyone is welcome.

Art Gallery Opening

July 25, 2023

We’re excited to be opening our brand-new art gallery. Everyone is welcome to visit and enjoy the exhibition on display. Join us for a celebration of the Aboriginal Housing Company’s 50th birthday and the official completion of the Pemulwuy Project! Make sure to save this event to your calendar and share it with your friends. We look forward to seeing you there!


July 8, 2023

Take a stroll through Hyde Park North to experience food, song, art, dance, and stories in the heart of the city. A celebratory program of talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. Celebrate prolific storytellers and contemporary music artists from all genres, hailing from many nations. Learn more about ancient song lines, their enduring survival, and their inherent connection to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Fig Tree Markets

July 8, 2023

Fig Tree Markets. Buy local and authentic art, craft, and produce from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses. Stalls are throughout Hyde Park North. Performance details and the full event schedule will be available soon. This event is a part of NAIDOC week celebrations.

Elouera Tony Mundine Gym

June 5, 2023

Hey everyone, please note there are some changes to our June class timetable. These will start from Monday 5th June! 📌 Liam’s HIIT class goes to Monday night at 6pm 📌 Liam’s boxercise goes to Tuesday morning at 6:30am 📌Open sparring sessions are locked in for Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings. Please stay up to date with any changes via our Instagram page




As the country’s leading Indigenous business success story, we are working to address one of the most considerable inequities between people in a country anywhere in the world.

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A future that excludes an entire people is no future at all.

We are laying the foundation for Indigenous

Australians’ access and opportunity to create a self-

sustaining future. We are seeding momentum and

impact for future generations.

Our efforts in building homes and communities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander goes well beyond housing security. Using our experience, connections, capital and influence, we can directly impact the horrific statistics that beset the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, created through a history of inter-generational trauma and economic exclusion. We have the opportunity and capacity to drive large-scale systemic and generational change that will universally benefit from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders’ economic strength and cultural capital.

Building some of Sydney’s most important projects

The transformed “The Block” has

become one of Sydney’s most significant

urban renewal projects ever.


Making progress possible

Our business and mission are succeeding because our

people embody precisely who we are and what we

stand for, and they carry the future of Indigenous

Australians with them.  We celebrate them.

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Investing in an equitable future

Our decision to register as a

not-for-profit business is a

direct investment in the next

50 years of impact.

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Corporate partnerships

We are proud to partner with a dynamic mix of

organisations that add value to our commercial

objectives, deepen our impact and extend our

opportunities to build an equitable Australia.