Aboriginal Housing Company

We are about changing the data

We are directly addressing the inadequate performance of the Government’s Close the Gap strategy. As the longest-standing, private Indigenous-led organisation celebrating 50 successful years of business, we are proudly much more than an awarded property developer.

We are building multi-faceted solutions for future generations, removing the barriers that have held back so many before us, which is critical to realising a self-determined future. Successful Indigenous businesses represent and act upon the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, strengthening our creative, cultural and economic capital and closing the gap toward sustained systemic change and more equitable outcomes.

This is the only acceptable future for Australia

Solutions for the future by addressing the problems of the past

1973 saw the emergence of the Aboriginal Housing

Company, a grassroots effort to secure accessible

housing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

in Inner Sydney. Little did we know that 50 years later,

we’d be the leading voice for Aboriginal and Torres

Strait Islander commerce and a founding piece in

driving an equitable Australia.

The culmination of our efforts, 20 years in the planning, our multi-award-winning Pemulwuy project, based at Redfern’s “The Block”, will unveil its final phase during 2023. The landmark development is changing the shape of the community’s future and re-writing the narrative for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

Progress starts with one step

Buoyed by the era of the 60s and 70s that saw the emergence of several Indigenous-led events, services and organisations championing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights, culture, health and well-being, AHC grew out of the belief that accessible housing held the key to unlocking a more equitable future for Indigenous Australians. Safe and secure communities give rise to an Indigenous-led economy strengthened by a sense of purpose, belonging, identity, support, and understanding.

There is more in us than we know

AHC-owned land, colloquially ‘The Block’, became known as ‘the black heart’, a modern, sacred location for urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The area’s population proliferated as more Indigenous Australians moved to Redfern looking for community, family connections and services, many from Aboriginal missions or girls’ and boys’ homes. The Block’s community bore the weight of historical, inter-generational trauma and systemic exclusion, leading to elevated levels of crime and drug and alcohol use.

A blueprint for success for future generations.

By the late 80s, though there was an evident need, a lack of Government support meant that the AHC and community were facing their challenges alone. Over 20 years, through a period marked by times of profound joy as well as great mourning and division, AHC remained steadfast to its mission. In December 2020, debt-free, the AHC delivered 62 new homes; in 2021 unveiled 596 beds supporting student accommodation and in 2023, will open the final phase of the state-of-the-art mixed-use development, the Pemulwuy Business Hub.

Our work is a direct investment in the future of Indigenous Australians

50 years ago, we set out to build a sustainable

community housing model, one that avoided

perpetuating the challenges of the past created

by a history of handouts.

Pemulwuy Business Hub


With its ideal location on the cusp of Sydney’s CBD, Redfern is the ultimate urban hotspot. The Pemulwuy Business Hub is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the fast-growing inner city and all it has to offer. With excellent foot traffic and exposure to the new retail and commercial spaces, Pemulwuy Business Hub is at the heart of the action.

Accessible Residential Housing


"The Landmark Pemulwuy" development comprises 62 properties – 36 townhouses and 26 apartments supported by underground parking for 115 cars. Pemulwuy is changing the narrative for Indigenous Australians, taking inspiration from the award-winning AHC Social Plan by Dr Angie Pitts, recognised in the National Awards for Excellence in Community Housing in 2001 and awarded an innovation award by the International Security Management and Crime Prevention Institute in 2004.

Col James Student Accommodation


Named in honour of Col James, a renowned architect and academic dedicated to providing housing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the Col James student building houses 596 beds and was designed by AHC in partnership with Turner for Clients, Deicorp and SCAPE. Operated by SCAPE, the building will offer accommodation for students at numerous surrounding universities, TAFE and colleges, with 110 beds reserved for Indigenous Australian students.

Elouera Tony Mundine Gym


Opening in 1985 as a recreational centre, our recently renovated, world-class boxing gym has become a centrepiece of Redfern and ‘The Block’ community pride. The state-of-the-art facility has produced several National and International boxing champions. The Elouera Tony Mundine Gym is where everyone belongs, developing a culture of well-being across the community’s physical, social, mental and emotional health.

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Our work is a direct investment in the future of Indigenous Australians

We take pride in our community of collaboration.

Our network of partners all share common values

and possess the momentum to inform a new

narrative and change the data.

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Westpac Bank is one of Australia's largest and oldest financial institutions, providing a comprehensive range of banking and financial services. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, and community involvement, Westpac remains a trusted and reputable name in the banking industry.


Deicorp is a prominent property development company known for its expertise in creating high-quality residential and commercial projects. With a focus on architectural excellence and sustainable design, Deicorp has established a strong presence in the real estate market, delivering innovative and desirable developments.


Scape Student Housing is a leading provider of modern and student-centric accommodation. With a focus on creating vibrant and inclusive communities, Scape offers state-of-the-art facilities, comfortable living spaces, and a supportive environment for students, making it an ideal choice for student living.

City of Sydney

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A little


can make a

big change

Established in 1973 as an all-Aboriginal governed company limited by guarantee, we were the first community housing provider in Australia. Now an independent not-for-profit charity, our business model builds on our investment and accelerates our progress in closing Australia’s inequity gap.

Our team of change makers

Our team is proudly writing a new story

for our Nation, working through our

communities toward an equitable future.

Alisi Tutuila


Alisi, a proud Indigenous (Worimi) and Tongan, is a proactive, multi-talented CEO at Aspire People. With 14 years in Indigenous Affairs, she champions change for her people. As Chairperson of the Aboriginal Housing Company for 13 years, Alisi's team ensured a sustainable social inclusion outcome. After 18 months of approvals and planning, development began in March 2019, set to finish in October 2023. Alisi also owns Aspire People, offering workforce management and is Chairperson of Yenu Allowah, focusing on innovative Early Learning modules.

Bruce Gale


With extensive experience serving a diverse range of Boards across several decades and as Secretary of the AHC Board for 6 years, I proudly direct exceptional board administration and governance enabling the AHC to further its endeavours and carry forward its mission.

Bev Coe


As a proud Wiradjuri Woman, I have dedicated my life to working in Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations, focusing on Aboriginal issues and community development. Currently, as a Client Support Partner at The Benevolent Society, I assist both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal clients in achieving their NDIS goals. Additionally, I manage and coach youth basketball teams for the All Blacks Basketball Club, deriving great satisfaction from watching the kids play. Tennis tournaments also captivate my interest.

Barbara Kennedy


Since 1993, I’ve been working with the Aboriginal Medical Service Redfern as Mental Health Coordinator and supporting the homeless, who find it challenging to secure affordable housing. My extensive experience working within the complexities of all types of housing providers and government agencies, networking and liaising between health and housing, gives me unique insight to unlock and identify opportunities for AHC impact.

Deborah Daley


My experience as President of the Inner City Aboriginal Education Consultative Committee (AECG) and as an Aboriginal Education Officer at Alexandria Park Community School gives me direct insight into how the inability to access adequate housing creates a further barrier for Indigenous Australian families in accessing quality education. I see first-hand how current policies and systems fail First Australians and can determine where to target our best efforts to drive lasting, tangible change.

Michael Mundine Snr

Chief Executive Officer

Uncle Mick Mundine, a Bundjalung man from Baryulgil, NSW, has been dedicated to improving the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people since 1975. Starting as an apprentice painter, he worked his way up to become the CEO of the Aboriginal Housing Company. Mick has played a vital role in establishing programs and initiatives to support the Redfern community, including directorship positions in various organizations such as the Aboriginal Medical Service and Redfern Aboriginal Cooperation. His main focus is ensuring a better future for the next generation through accessible housing, as he believes it is every child's fundamental right.

Lani Tuitavake

Chief Operating Officer

Lani, the Chief Operating Officer at the Aboriginal Housing Company for over 30 years, excels in Property and Infrastructure Development, Planning, Design, and Stakeholder Management. Working closely with CEO Mick Mundine, Lani has ensured the company's independence and sustainability. Together, they have realized the vision of Pemulwuy and unlocked the value of the land in Redfern.

Dominica Siu

Senior Operations Manager

Dominica is the Senior Operations Manager - Housing for the Aboriginal Housing Company. With 20 years of industry experience in the Housing Sector Dominica brings exceptional leadership skills and HR Management experience. Dominica is passionate about driving change within the housing sector and building communities. Dominica has worked closely with Executive staff to ensure smooth transition of systems and processes are delivered and committed to high levels of governance and accountability.