Video Gallery

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander [viewers, listeners, readers] are advised that the following videos contain images and voices of a person who has died

AHC – Pemulwuy Intro

Being part of a new beginning with Micky Mundine. The Pemulwuy Project is leading the way in business and property development. Micky talks about the redevelopment as a new exciting era for Redfern.

AHC – Pemulwuy Part 1

History in the making – taking action with Micky Mundine.
This video describes the AHC’s journey to improve the way of living for Aboriginal people and the company’s struggle for self-determination. Micky speaks passionately about being proud of who you are as an Aboriginal person.

AHC – Pemulwuy Part 2

A reflection on history with Mark Spinks.
 Chairperson Mark Spinks gives an insight into what it was like to live in Redfern in the ‘70s and also speaks about his excitement to be part of the rejuvenation of “the Block”. The Pemulwuy project is the dawn of a new era for Aboriginal children & families on “the Block” – “The City is coming to Redfern”

AHC – Pemulwuy Part 3

Changing the perception and stereotypes of the community with Bruce Gale. Company Secretary Bruce Gale speaks about the bad reputation Redfern has suffered in the past and how the project will have a positive impact on the community. He reflects on growing up in the inner city, and the benefits that Aboriginal people will reap from the Pemulwuy redevelopment.

AHC – Pemulwuy Part 4

Making it Happen 
with Bernadette Munro. The treasurer of the Aboriginal Housing Company Bernadette Munro talks about the skills, values and safety of the community. She highlights how revitalizing the community and restoring the social hub will bring new life back into “the Block” and Redfern.