Please find below some Frequently Asked Questions. For more information enquire online or contact us directly

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How do I become a member of the Aboriginal Housing Company Ltd?

You must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. To become a member of the AHC you must be known to the local Redfern Community or by the organisation for more than 3 years. You must complete a desire to be a member form which is located in our Downloads Section. You must provide a copy of your Aboriginality. Your membership form will be considered by the AHC Board of Directors.

Is the AHC the same as Housing NSW?

No, AHC is an independent Aboriginal organisation.


We are a public benevolent institution (endorsed for Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR).  This allows the Aboriginal Housing Company to receive donations from

  • General Public
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Prescribed Private & Public funds
  • Community foundation

To verify our current charitable status go to Australia Business Register and insert our ABN 28 001154481 or Aboriginal Housing Company Limited.

All donations over $2 are tax deductable.

There are four ways to make a donation/bequest

  • Single Donation
  • Regular Donations e.g. business sponsorship
  • Leave a Bequest through your will
  • Become a Partner

Does the AHC assist with Confirmation of Aboriginality forms?

We only provide Aboriginality for employment, education, sports, and medical requirements.   For Aboriginality for Housing NSW please refer to AHO guidelines, we no longer do these.  AHC complete Aboriginality forms on the following basis: past or present tenancy, person known to Redfern Aboriginal Community and/or recognised by the Redfern Community, recognised by other Aboriginal non-government organisations.  Please call our office 9319 1824 to make an appointment.

What documents do I need to bring to fill in an Aboriginality form?

You will need to provide the following:-  Proof of ID, Medicare, Birth Certificate, Centrelink Card (if applicable.)

Support letter from recognised Aboriginal organisation.

Family support documents.

What funding does the AHC receive?

AHC has been a non-recurrent funding organisation since 2005. In the past we received Federal and State funding for repairs and maintenance from NSW AHO.

How can I check if I am still on the waiting list?

For an update on your status please click on to our contacts page and send through your full details and contact details.

Do we have a priority list for housing?

Currently we operate on a waiting list system and due to lack of stock we are unable to provide priority housing.  We do not have any emergency/crisis accommodation.

Once I lodge my application how long before I know if I have been admitted to the eligibility list?

As long as you have provided all your support documents, income details etc. it normally takes up to four weeks to assess your application.

Once I have been admitted to the eligibility list how long before I am housed?

AHC does not have a priority list and eligible applicants cannot be guaranteed housing. There are always a higher number of applicants than accommodation available. It would therefore be appropriate to explore any other avenues for housing that may be available.