Media Release 13th May 2015

The Aboriginal Housing Company provided a trespass notice to the protesters at the Block earlier this year.  The protesters have chosen not to respect this notice and so we have again contacted them to state that they are trespassing.

The Aboriginal Housing Company respects the rights of people to protest peacefully and legally.

However, these protesters are on Aboriginal Housing Company owned land, and have been occupying the site since the middle of last year.

The Aboriginal Housing Company is working to protect the Block – to make sure it remains Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned and controlled into the future.

The Pemulwuy Project will provide affordable housing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at the Block, as well as businesses and community facilities.

We do now need to be able to get on with the Pemulwuy Project so that we can ensure an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander controlled future for the Block.