Board of Directors

Chairperson: Alisi Tutuila

Worimi , Karuah

I have been employed in numerous positions within Redfern area, which vary across health, community services and employment and lived in Redfern for over 10 years. My current role is working to address the issues relating to employment and training and to ensure Aboriginal people have equal opportunities within the workforce.

I wanted to become part of the AHC board because I was inspired by the journey and vision the AHC holds for the people of this community. I believe my knowledge and experience with health, community services and employment gives me a greater understanding of social disadvantages Aboriginal poeple deal with.

Through my  career I have developed a wealth of knowledge around effective community engagement and dealing with strategies aligning to social inclusion policies. I have built strong networks and partnerships in various area across Indigenous Affairs and believe that this platform of networks can be instrumental in the success of AHC and its journey moving forward.

Secretary: Bruce Gale

Dharug People

I have been Chair of Parramatta City Council for 13 years and committee member for 17 years I was the Secretary of the Sydney Region Aboriginal Legal service for 10 years. Currently I am the Secretary of Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation, and have been the Secretary of the AHC Board for 6 years. I am also a committee member of RailCorp Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committee for 14 years and Chairman for the last 4 years, and a board member of the (IDAS) Indigenous Disability Advocacy Service.

I bring many years of experience in local government and Aboriginal services to my role as Company Secretary. I foresee a great future with the development of the Block for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Director: Barbara Kennedy

Wiradjuri Nation, Cowra

I have lived in Sydney most of my adult life and I have been employed with the Aboriginal Medical Service Redfern since 1993 as a Mental Health Coordinator. My role also involves dealing with homeless people who find it difficult to secure affordable housing.

I have been an AHC board member for over 20 years and have seen a lot of change. I wanted to become a part of the AHC because I felt I could contribute my experience by networking between health and housing. “The Block” holds a special place for me as I have been involved with Redfern for many years.

I believe my knowledge gives me a greater understanding of the difficulties that Aboriginal people deal with on a daily basis, trying to sustain affordable housing while dealing with social and emotional issues. Over the years I have gathered vast experience working within the complexities of all types of housing providers and government agencies.

Director: Deborah Daley

Gamiliroi nation, Tingha.

I have lived and worked in Redfern for over 20 years and I am an Aboriginal Education Officer at Alexandria Park Community School. I wanted to become part of the AHC because I believe it is important to have housing for Aboriginal people run by Aboriginal people. As an Aboriginal person I believe I have a deep understanding of the needs of my people and how to best serve those needs. Aboriginal housing is an important element of self-determination and I am proud to be a part of securing a future for my people.

I have extensive experience in education and working with Aboriginal students, their families and the community. This means I am aware of the needs of Aboriginal families in terms of resources that their children need to be successful including adequate housing.

I am also the President of the Inner City Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG).  This requires a high level of communication and liaison skills to engage a large number of schools and colleges to discuss key issues including government policy and provide feedback to the state AECG.   I have a wide range of skills allowing me to make a positive contribution to the AHC.