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About PEMULWUY Project

What is Pemulwuy Project?

The Pemulwuy project is about the redevelopment of the land known as "the Block" which signifies the struggles of the AHC in taking ownership of 'the Block" in all aspects.

AHC Social Plan – Dr Angela Pitts: In 2000, Dr Pitts who has a background in social and urban planning, volunteered her services to prepare a Community Social Plan to address the social and economic issues, to be used as a planning tool to ensure that the AHC’s vision was incorporated in the strategies and guidelines for the proposed Pemulwuy Redevelopment Project. We were at a stage that required not only a Business Plan but a plan for our community to express their goals and objectives and to improve their standard of living and quality of life.

The New South Wales government had passed a major project bill in 2005 with a number of sites in the Redfern Waterloo Authority declared sites of state significance. The AHC land was encumbered within these boundaries. Despite Micky looping with the relevant political parties to not let the Bill pass, as this was going to hinder the progress of the block being redeveloped.

On the ground Mick and the team had to get the message across to the AHC tenants and supporters, that we are at risk of losing the land if we continue to stand by and allow the wave of crime and drugs to thrive which gave the government ammunition to justify their position on forcible acquisition of “the Block”.

AHC established the Pemulwuy Vision Taskforce, made up of independent professionals and academics with no Government appointees. The role of the taskforce was to provide an independent and professional assessment of the Pemulwuy Project’s Plan for 62 affordable Aboriginal homes on “the Block” in Redfern. With specific consideration to economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability of the proposal. In 2007 the Pemulwuy Project Concept Plan was lodged with the Department of Planning NSW and approval was granted June 2009.


The Aboriginal Housing Company Limited's Mission statement is to ensure "that Aboriginal people enjoy the same standard of living as all other Australians".


To redevelop the land into a mixed used site which includes social and affordable housing for 62 families, a gymnasium, commercial and retail space, a gallery, student accomodation for 154, a childcare space for 60 children.

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