AHC Company Structure

The Aboriginal Housing Company Limited is a non for profit, public company that is limited by guarantee.

This means:

  • Non-for profit – we operate for the public benefit, any profits or surpluses must be put towards our purpose (providing Aboriginal Housing) and cannot be distributed to members, directors and othr individuals or groups.
  • Public Company – we are registered in Australia under the Corporates Act 2001 and can operate in all states in the country.
  • Limited by Guarantee – the liability of the AHC members is limited to the amount the members take to contribute to the property of the company if it’s wound up.

Aboriginal Housing Company Limited is made up of an all Aboriginal Membership, Board of Directors and Tenancies.

The Company is governed by the Board of Directors and CEO (which is an appointed position) oversees the day to day operation of AHC.

The Board of Directors and Chief Executive work with a large range of expertise in all different background to continue to provide the best service for the betterment of Aboriginal people.


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